Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO represents our second major business line. As an external service provider, we support you in all the activities & processes which are not related to your core business to improve your competitiveness and differentiation.
Our services are thus implemented as a time and cost-saving measure. We offer back office outsourcing such as billing or purchasing, and front office outsourcing such as customer-related services namely marketing or tech support.

We help you focus on your main activities by providing all secondary services you require, such as (but not limited to):

Saudi Ersaa Business Process Consulting

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide you with well-oriented and objective consultation to help you reduce charges, increase productivity and boost outcomes through:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analysis & Business Development
  • Risk Analysis
  • Advisory for financial services
  • Performance Evaluation & Improvement
  • Strategy Formalization & Planning
  • Organization Structuring
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping


Saudi Ersaa for HR Solutions

Our HR Solutions help transform your Human Resources Department to an efficient asset for the development of your organization. We help reduce costs and limit liability while implementing the latest regulations and best practices.
Through our certified HR Specialists, we deliver a complete package of services:

  • HR Policy & Procedure development
  • Employee lifecycle management from hire to retire
  • Recruitment & Payroll processing
  • Talent Cycle & Success Plan Management
  • Employee Engagement – creating an environment to engage employees, a career path
  • Compensations & Benefits Plan
  • Performance Management
Manpower Supply & Personnel Outsourcing

We help you meet your executive obligations, stay on top, manage your global talent effectively and improve your ongoing objectives by supporting you in recruiting and managing your most valuable resource:

  • Inspectors & Specialized Engineers
  • Qualified Technicians
  • Skilled Labors



Why Us?

The world business has changed!

We assist you with up-to-date solutions:

Nowadays, the world business have developed to be highly industry, process and segment specific in a way that made customers expect more sophisticated and pertinent services.
At SaudiErsaa, we recognize this dynamic development in our customers’ expectations. We have tailored our services to satisfy you through a combination of operational excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities.
Our Power comes from our investment in technology and process innovations, intelligent business platforms, and analytics that lead to predictive modeling thereby ensuring right business outcomes. Our target is to assist you to achieve your business goals.

Next generation business process services

Saudi Ersaa is a leader in providing next generation business process services.

Our proficiency is mostly highlighted in:
• Operations perfection based on our experience with our leading clients and with our renowned partners.
• Industry expertise bringing IT and Business Process solutions together.
• Flexibility with tailored services depending on both customer and industry needs and usage of revolutionary solutions.
• Driving Predictable Business Outcomes through combining the best practices, industry benchmarking and domain insights for the purpose of continuous improvements.

You are starting up a complicated project?

Saudi Ersaa is specialized in all different industry fields:

Thanks to our well-experienced and distinct team, we have gained the proficiency in dealing with different fields at the same time.
You just bring your idea to us and we will elaborate that idea into a profitable project.

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