About Saudi Ersaa


Who we are

Saudi ERSAA is a dynamic, growing and privileged partner for its leading customers. Our aim is to grant adapted services for different projects to be fulfilled smoothly by providing a well-studied plan that controls all levels including time management and costs.
These services include mainly, but are not limited to: General Contracting for construction and industrial projects, Manpower Supply, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Administrative Services… etc.

As a leading company, we aim at overpassing the standard requirements to meet customers’ satisfaction and gain trust through applying an effective strategy based on:

  • High Customer Care & Promptness
  • Meeting today’s needs without compromising tomorrow
  • Leading Management characterized by:
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Quality & Efficiency

This challenging target has always been achieved; first with the virtue of Allah, then thanks to the expertise of our highly qualified team in different professions including Managers, Experts, Technicians and Companions.
Adding to this, our advanced technologies and methods come to serve our outstanding team to further insure the proficiency of our results and exceed our clients’ expectations at all levels.


Your success mirrors ours.

As a Contracting Company, we cherish the ethics and the successful business practices that make the world’s leading companies as such. We are even also more blessed with the results that our customers achieve thanks to our services and assistance.
For instance, making a project run successfully has become a challenge for many companies due to the various obstacles they face before even starting a business. Our role is to take that challenge, provide our customers with all they need to execute industrial & construction projects and grant them success which is our ultimate goal.

The philosophy of Saudi ERSAA is to provide our customers with the consultancy and resources needed to execute challenging projects through offering adapted services that avoid the dispersal of efforts and through enhancing the success of any project with effective schedule and portfolio.
As a matter of fact, keywords in making any project run successfully, are quality and time management.



Company Hierarchy

Saudi ERSAA is a newly established company which was created in 2014 by its current CEO: Bandar Al-Qahtani. Since then, our team has been growing assuredly.
We are now 391 professionals, with more than 350 qualified technicians & skilled labors at all levels. Our Human resource is our second key characteristic. Through the years, we have been working on developing our team in a way that allow us today to answer all our clients’ needs.
For every field, we have the adequate and well specialized professional.


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