Saudi Ersaa is the best partner for your project with its Multidisciplinary Contracting Support, Innovations and Technologies.

We strive to be amongst the world’s most ingenious organizations. Passionate innovation is our driving force. For instance, Saudi Ersaa is dedicated to assist its customers to improve their business in different fields and develop new customized technologies.

Contracting is our major sector. We developed extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to perform Engineering, Management, and Operations for construction and industrial projects. Whatever issues your business might face, we offer insights into how to overcome them. We work with you to find financial, strategic and operational solutions that improve your liquidity, financial flexibility and stakeholder returns.

We’re here to help you build a sustainable business – in the short and long term by assisting you with every single detail.

Our business covers a wide range of activities & services including:Project Management, Operations & Execution, Engineering Consultancy.

BPO represents our second major business line. As an external service provider, we support you in all the activities & processes which are not related to your core business to improve your competitiveness and differentiation.

We help you focus on your main activities by providing all secondary services you require namely:

Manpower Supply & Personnel Outsourcing

Saudi Ersaa’s Consulting Services (logistics solutions, bookeeping, supply chain management, risk analysis…)

Administrative support for companies settling in the kingdom (SAGIA, CR,..)

Administration is the vital cog that keeps all the other wheels turning in all types of businesses.
Thanks to our strong professional relationship with the different public departments, we have always assisted our clients in all their requirements. Being an expansion of a Government Relations Institution, Saudi Ersaa capitalized an efficient know-how in processing public services.
Our highly skilled administrative support team are available help you focus on your business by solving all your administrative concerns. We arrange any work that you may ordinarily require from an administration be it a person or a department. We deal with all the public agencies – SAGIA, Municipality, DZIT, Ministry of Labor, Foreign Ministry, GOSI, Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

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Why Us?

1. Focus and execution:

In Saudi Ersaa, we are focused on what we know and can do well. We take all we do seriously. We just keep growing and expanding into projects we are sure we can satisfy our clients with. As we know that satisfying a customer requires relentless attention to execution, we are paying due attention to execution which is not just about delivering a product or fulfilling a projects. It’s also about service.

2. Leadership at all levels:

In Saudi Ersaa leadership starts at the top but spreads throughout the organization recognizing effective leaders and harnessing them to maximize results. We cherish applied wisdom, effective communication, transparency and candor which grant an outstanding atmosphere both within the team itself and with our clients.

3. Speed and quality optimization:

Time management is a key characteristic of Saudi Ersaa. Not only do we plan every aspect our business, but also we do build, develop, implement, and maintain healthy habits. We plan everything so as to know when to accelerate and when to slow based on indicators built into our well studied processes. Since quality is as important as speed for us, we invest much on those indicators which determine our optimum speed. We are like a subway or train system. Stations are milestones, signals tell the engineer when to go faster or slower, depending on what is ahead.

4. Ethics and innovations:

In Saudi Ersaa, we are aware of the ongoing advance in the business ethics along with new technologies. We are determined to be the preeminent provider of superior services by consistently improving the quality of our product; to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and performance; and to serve with character and purpose that brings honor to God. For us, a client is not only a one- time customer, but a partner thanks to the trust shared between us.